Katie Stabana

Do you do just clear work?

No, I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my unique style and I love the amber colour that I produce. Therefore, I would be unable to produce my best quality work if I attempted to work outside of my skill set.

How long do commissions take?

Most commissions take 8-14 weeks from the day I receive your flowers.

Are there some flowers that you do not work with?

No, but the type of flower may alter the style of piece that I can create

Is postage included?

Yes standard UK postage is included in all my items however, if you want tracked and signed you will need to pay for that on top.

How quickly do I need to get my bouquet over to you?

As quickly as possible! If you are getting married on a Saturday I would ask if you post them out to me on the Monday. I would suggest that you ask someone you trust to do this job, it’s not something you want to be doing the day after you get married

How do I package my flowers to send to you?

I would suggest putting them in a cardboard box with some air holes and whatever you do don’t cover them in plastic! I will give you lots more tips before you post them out.

Can you work with flowers I have dried myself?

I absolutely can! Just bear in mind that they won’t quite look like the pieces I create with fresh flowers.

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